Our purpose is to provide a place where everyone can watch and share videos knowing that videos and comments are moderated. No bad language, no bad videos, no bullying allowed.

If I wouldn't let my kids watch it then it will not be allowed on this site.

You can upload max of 600.00MB! SKraftyTUBE has 20,734.33 minutes of videos!

SKraftyTUBE Rules & Regs

1. No cursing or inappropriate talk/discussions
2. No rude talk, name calling or bullying allowed
3. Video game play is allowed for any game with an E rating (No T or Above).
4. Chat must be hidden in multiplayer games unless it is edited to remove any swearing, unkind chat, personal information, etc.
5. IF you are recording Minecraft, only the SKrafty server or single player is allowed.
6. No inappropriately mature topics are allowed. There should be no discussion of sexuality of any kind.
7. SKrafty holds the right to remove any video we find violates these policies or that we may deem inappropriate for any other reason. If a video is removed we will notify the user of the reason.
8. Users who repeatedly upload videos disregarding any of these rules they are subject to removal from the system with no refunds.
9. Account holders must be 13 or older.
10. This is a privately owned site and while we want to provide you as much liberty as possible we reserve the right to remove any content.